Here you can navigate through an overall of my experience but also in the details of the projects I've been working during my career as well as other training courses I've went through.

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A book in spanish about the web foundations, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Fundamentos web cover

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I'm still working on it so [... coming soon...]

Hub site for my public sites

I'm a web developer, currently focused in the front end development.

I've worked as full-stack developer based mostly in Java technologies (Struts, Spring, JSF, Hibernate) but I worked also with Node.js and Express.js in the backend, and experience with NoSQL and SQL databases.

Working as full-stack implied to work a lot also with the web foundations (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) what appealed to me to focus basically in the frontend side and the insides of Javascript language.

This is a hub site for all the sites meaningful to describe myself as Web developer.

Please navigate through all the sections exposed here to know more about me.