Here you can navigate through an overall of my experience but also in the details of the projects I've been working during my career as well as other training courses I've went through.

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A book in spanish about the web foundations, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Fundamentos web cover

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A Phaser game connected to the info of my CV

I like videogames, especially the ones which tell you a story (I don't have enough time and I'm not skilled enough to enjoy online competitive games, but still trying from time to time).
As one of my experiments I worked with a game built with Phaser.js and React library. The content of the game is bind to the CV information stored in a Firebase database, the same I used in my interactive CV.
The target of the game is to unlock the content on it in an exploration kind of RPG game.

I'm still working on it so [... coming soon...]

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